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Important news – No reduction of the time allowed to a respondent to reply to a statement of grounds of appeal!

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All the references to Articles in this blog post relate to the Articles of the RPBA20/21.

The EBA consulted the users about possible changes of the RPBA in order “To support the pursuit of more ambitious timeliness objectives”. The proposed changes were discussed on this blog.

Reduction of the time to reply to a statement of grounds of appeal

Today, in introduction to the yearly presentation on case law of the boards, the chair of the boards has announced that, in the light of the survey, the envisaged reduction, in an amended Art 12(1) RPBA, of the time allotted to a respondent to reply to the statement of grounds of appeal will not be pursued.

Triggering of the third level of convergence

The chair of the boards has also announced that the third level of convergence, cf. Art 13(2), will be triggered by the communication of the board under Art 15(1). This amendment was not controversial.

Reduction of the time for a board to issue summons to OP

The potential amendment to Art 15(1), shortening to one month the issuance of a summons to OP, has not been mentioned as such.

It remains to be seen whether this amendment will be pursued or not.

In view of the decision on not amending the time limit to reply to the statement of grounds of appeal, it is more than likely that this amendment might not be pursued either.


For once, a consultation of the users seems to have been fruitful. Amendments of the RPBA to the detriment of respondents/parties to appeal proceedings will not be pursued. This is good news.

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