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New: EQE Preparation Guide 2022

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The latest version of this essential guide for candidates is now available. It is produced by the EPO, epi & CEIPI to promote a better understanding of what is needed to pass the EQE.

I was fortunate enough to be able to help with the major updates this year. The explanations and tips have been fully adapted to the current online e-EQE format, and all the links to materials & courses have been checked and updated.

Good luck to all EQE 2023 candidates!

This guide features info about the e-EQE, and gives candidates a head-start on how to prepare by providing:

  • explanations of EQE requirements and EQE formats
  • tips on the best order to tackle certain subject matters
  • hints on examination technique and insights into how exams will be marked
  • lists of study materials and training courses

It supplements the official EQE publications, and includes the following chapters:

  1. The European qualifying examination
  2. Overview of work organisation during the preparation period
  3. Study topics – suggested timetable
    Reference is made to the official epi/CEIPI study guide for topics to study and a timetable.
  4. Preparation checklists
  5. During the examination
  6. After the examination
  7. Reference material, literature, courses and training

Please send any comments or suggestions for improvements to academy@epo.org

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